Asked Questions

Can I light my cooktop manually if the power goes out?

Yes, there is no problem with lighting it manually.

Why does it take so long for my cooktop to light?

The gas takes a little time to come through. Also the thermocouple has to reach a certain temperature before it allows full gas flow. This is a safety feature.

Are cooktop parts available in Australia?

Yes, all Goldline products have regular availability of parts.

Are Goldline cooktops designed in Australia?

All Goldline products are designed and innovated in Australia.

Is Goldline an Australian company?

Yes, Goldline is an Australian owned and operated company and has been operating for over 30 years.

Does Goldline have any other configurations?

Yes, Goldline has many different designs and configuration to suit many different styles of cooking, from 1,2,3,4 and 5 burner cooktops.

Are the wok burners powerful?

Yes, all of Goldline wok burners are no less then 18mj, with the exception of the GL5Dual.

What is the material in which the burners are made out of?

Goldline BZ Series is both fully brass and Aluminium burners.

My flame is not burning correctly and has a yellow tinge to it?

There may be an issue with the airflow to the burner. If this occurs, contact Goldline immediately to get direction on what to do next.

Can my cooktop be made for LPG?

Goldline cooktops can be made for both LPG and Natural gas and in some models a conversion kit can be provided.

Is the cooktop compliant?

All of Goldline cooktops have been approved by regulatory authorities, i.e., Australian Gas Authority (AGA) and SAI Global.

Why won’t my cooktop hold flame?

Due to new government regulations that all Gas cooktops must be fitted with Flame Failure Device (FFD). In some instances the thermocouple may have moved away from the burner. In these instances the device will not heat up enough to allow gas flow which cause the flame not to hold.

Do I have access to after sales service?

Yes, Goldline provides extensive after sales services that covers all warranty issues.

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