Looking to buy a cooktop for your kitchen without breaking the bank?

Our cooktops have all the functionality of the big brands but at a fraction of the cost.

Show off your new cooktop and cook with passion.

Thoughtfully engineered cooktops with Australian families in mind

Host incredible dinner parties with Italian precision dual control wok burners and create memorable meals for your friends and family.

Sleek glass finish that is easy to clean so you can live your best life and impress your guests.

Why spend $3,000 on a cooktop that should only cost a 1/3 of the price? Have a narrow bench but don’t won’t to fork out for a new bench?

Over 30 years of experience manufacturing cooktops in Australia.

Solution for 1,000’s of people who are looking for a affordable cooktop.

Commitment to service and quality outcomes.

View our most popular Goldline Cooktop products

Electric cooktop

930mm x 450mm x 60mm


4 Electric Burners

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930mm x 450mm

LPG / Natural Gas

4 Gas Burners

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SAB4 White

930mm x 450mm

LPG / Natural Gas

4 Gas Burners

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Client Testimonials

Some of the things our happy customers say about us

Eden Warren
It's actually almost impossible to fault my experience at Goldline.

My wife and I called direct to the Dandenong head office to replace a existing Goldline Stove Top which was 20 years old.

Starting from the exceptional customer service, great price, and delivery you actually can’t fault them. Thanks guys!!!

Zack Winston
Spoke with Jagtar from Goldline and got nothing but excellent service, he really went above and beyond my expectations.

I have purchased a new 3 burner (Dual Control Wok) cook top, it not only looks awesome but the way that I can fit two woks and heat rice at the same time, has changed how I cook for my family everyday. I am no longer juggling pans or serving cold dishes. Thanks again Goldline and Jagtar!

Macey O’Brien
Absolute first class product AND customer service at a fraction of the price of some of their competitors.

I absolutely could not be more impressed! I have worked with white goods manufacturers in the past and can not fault how accommodating and flexible the team at Goldline are.

Best Stove Top we have ever had. I cannot recommend them highly enough.

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