Narrow electric cooktop

Electric Cooktop

The Small Space Solution

Electric cooktop
Australian produced cooktops for over 25 years

Goldline’s electric cooktop uniquely combines power and heat in a narrow bench top – perfect for small spaces and apartment living. No need to buy expensive induction pots and pans with the convenience and reliability of Goldline’s electric cooktop

9-stage power setting

Intuitive touch controls

Residual heat indicators

Auto cooking function

x1 Triple Zone


x1 Twin Zone


x2 Single Zone

Goldline Avard Electric Cook Top

Quality Without Compromise


In cohesion with the Goldlines brand the Electric Cook top is:

  • Thoughtfully spaced with real chefs in mind
  • Elegant and sleek in aesthetics 
  • Safety features created with love for your family.

Easy to install, and priced with thoughtful consideration of the average working Australian family. 

The Goldline Avard Electric model can be ordered through your local Good Guys or Harvey Norman stores and comes with a generous 2-year warranty.

Precision Control

From sizzle to simmer our 9 step power settings will give you all the control, you need for perfect results every time.

Not only aesthetically pleasing, but the glass surface is also super easy to clean and maintain ensuring your kitchen is always looking at its best.

Modern Styling

Be inspired by beautiful Goldline kitchen designs and our premium range of cooktops that fit perfectly into your home and lifestyle. Styled with true Goldline style the Electric ceramic cooktop will become the true centerpiece of your kitchen thanks to the stylish, frameless ceramic glass exterior and smart touch controls.

Built for Australian families

At Goldline, we understand that your children’s safety is always #1 priority. This is why we have invested heavily in child lock safety features. 

At Goldline we have you covered. Our state of the art children safety switches automatic switches on after cooking. 

And, an automatic timer design specifically for multitaskers. To ensure all your stovetop dishes are perfect every time.  

No need to buy expensive induction pots and pans with the convenience and reliability of Goldlines electric cook top.

Discover our electric cooktop range

In cohesion with the Goldlines brand the Electric Cook top is:

  • Thoughtfully spaced with real chefs in mind
  • Elegant and sleek in aesthetics 
  • Safety features created with love for your family.
Elegant and stylish convience

Build the kitchen of your dreams with Goldline’s Electric cooktop range

electric cooktop
Australian Electric Stove
Electric Cooktop for Period Homes
Electric Cooktop





Cooktop zones

x1 Triple Zone, x1 Twin Zone, x2 Single Zone

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Cooktop zones

x1 Triple Zone (850/1700/2300w)
x1 Twin Zone (700/1700w)
x2 Single Zone (1200w)

Overall size

930mm x 450mm x 60mm

Cutout size

865mm x 378mm



Goldline have Manufactured Cooktops for 25 Years

There are few things more essential to your kitchen than the right cooktop. Whether you’re an amateur chef that loves to casually explore new recipes and flavours, a family cook that needs to get dinner ready every night after work, or a professional chef dedicated to the craft, the right cooktop works wonders.

Goldline’s electric cooktop range is designed with the highest-quality materials and state-of-the-art technology, and carefully curated to suit the needs of every food lover. Our expert engineers have crafted these cooktops according to the highest standards in the market. Each product is custom-built to deliver power, heat, and performance, all wrapped up in a compelling design. We’ve explored design possibilities untouched by other manufacturers in our cooktop ranges, from narrow bench-top designs that suit apartment living and small spaces, to beautiful glass designs that fit most modern and spacious kitchens.

Discover the Ultimate Electric Cooktop

Goldline’s electric cooktop range is powered by pioneering technology, offering unbeatable results through intuitive touch controls, residual heat indicators, and more.

Unlike other manufacturers that compromise on style and performance to bring costs down, we give you the best of both worlds and deliver quality without compromise.

There’s no need to buy expensive induction pots and pans when you have the incredible performance of a convenient and reliable electric cooktop. Our electric cooktops make everything from sautéing vegetables, to stir-frying simpler and quicker.

Key features of our electric cooktops include:

  • 1 triple-zone heater
  • 1 twin zone heater
  • 2 single zone heater
  • 9-state power settings
  • Intuitive touch controls
  • Residual heat safety indicators

Furthermore, the residual heat indicators provide some much-needed peace of mind when it comes to protecting your children and pets from burns, and belongings from heat damage.

Quality without Compromise

As with the rest of the products in the Goldline portfolio, you can expect incredible attention to detail in our electric cooktops range. We’ve thoughtfully spaced each heating element on these cooktop surfaces to suit the needs of real chefs.

Our electric cooktops are easy to install, beautiful to look at, and designed for future-proof performance. Year on year, you’ll love spending enjoyable moments in the kitchen cooking with our cooktops.

The Goldline Avard Electric Cooktop model are incredibly easy to purchase available in both Harvey Normal and Good Guy stores.

Features include:

  • Sensational precision-control cooking
  • Sleek and stylish aesthetics
  • Unique compact design to fit in any home
  • Safety features created to protect your family, pets, and belongings
  • Quick and easy installation

The precision control 9-step power setting system also gives you the custom control needed for perfect results with every meal.

At the same time, you get the benefit of Goldline’s extra durable glass cooktop surface that looks amazing, is easy to clean, and stays stunning for years to come.

Besides, we know that there’s more to having the perfect kitchen than being able to cook at precision temperatures. You’re also going to want an electric cooktop that captures the eye of everyone who visits your home. The Goldline Electric Cooktop range does just this and looks stunning in any home or commercial kitchen.

Built by Australian Experts, for Australian Families

At Goldline, we produce the best electric cooktops in the Australian market, because we understand what modern families need.

We know how important it is to invest in a cooking appliance that delivers impressive performance through the years, without putting your family’s safety at risk. More than providing one of the most attractive electric cooktops ranges on the market, we’ve also invested extra time & effort into updating these units with child lock & safety features.

Our sensational child safety switches automatically turn off after you’ve finished cooking, to keep your family and pets protected.

Additionally, the automatic timer included with the Goldline Electric Cooktop range means that you won’t have to worry about burned food. 

Goldline’s electric cooktops give you that extra assistance needed in the kitchen when things get a little bit hectic during meal times.

Find Your New Electric Cooktop Range

At Goldline, you’ll find everything you need to custom-create your ultimate kitchen. It doesn’t matter whether you’re searching for simplicity, performance, or style; we’ve got the right cooktop to help you achieve your dreams – a fantastic addition to our 30-year heritage of cooktop technology.

Like other electric devices in our portfolio, the ceramic cooktop range comes with an easy-to-clean surface, excellent safety controls, and unbeatable heat management features. No other company can offer you the versatility and excellence that you get from a Goldline electric cooktop.

We’ve created our catalogue to suit the needs of every budding chef, from homeowners who want to design recipes that can be handed down through the generations, to professional and commercial cooking teams that need to cook in bulk every day.

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