Top 10 Things Should Every Stove Top Customer Should Know

The Top 10 Things Should Every Stove Top Customer Should Know About Goldline

Gas Stove Tops

We know that making the right decision about your Gas Stove Tops can be tough. It helps to invest in a brand that you can believe in. To help you feel right at home with Goldline, we’ve put together this list of the top things that all of our customers should know.

  1. Goldline gives back to the community in Australia, running a range of leadership programs in schools to help children discover the wonders of better communication. We also offer what we can back to the Australian armed services by donating proceeds to the worthy causes of the community
  2. Goldline stove tops are available to install on narrow and standard bench applications. Our small designs are popular among period homes in the inner city suburbs as well as many country homes in regional Australia, as they allow you to make the most of narrow bench widths.
  3. We support towns with no town gas, we have a wide variety of stove-top solutions that are available in LPG. If you don’t have any gas in your city, then we can still give you a fantastic cooking experience.
  4. All Goldline Gas Stove Tops Models come with a 2-year warranty as standard and available through your local major kitchen appliances center like The Good Guys, Harvey Norman, Retravision, Betta Home Living, Stan Cash, and Many more local Stores. Please visit our store locator page to find your local store.
  5. We have been constantly innovating and launching exciting new products including the Goldline lifestyle range is an affordable range of cooktops tailored for budget-conscious Australian families. We offer a wide variety of cooking solutions in this range to suit any style of cooking that appeals to you. Whether you’re looking for alfresco cooking or formal entertaining, we can help. 
  6. We make cooking easier, not only do we give you complete control over your kitchen with our high-quality Gas Stove Tops – but we make maintenance a breeze too. Our easy-to-clean glass cooktop is perfect for when you want to simply wipe over your cooking surface and keep it looking fantastic for longer. 
  7. We add high-powered wok burners to all of our models. All Goldline models come with a high-powered wok burner, featuring an 18 MJ/h rating. This is a super-powerful burner that’s excellent for stir-fries and other work-based meals. It’s one of the most powerful burners that you’ll find on the market today. 
  8. We keep you safe! We don’t just concentrate on high-quality cooking here at Goldline; we’re also dedicated to keeping our chefs safe. The flame failure devices on our burners are designed to stop the flow of gas whenever a flame extinguishes, protecting you against accidental fire damage. 
  9. We have electric models. Alongside our Gas Stove Tops, Goldline has also launched a narrow electric model. The popularity of this innovative product has been ramping up at an incredible pace lately! Why not check it out for yourself?
  10. We’re great for small spaces! Goldline is excited to announce that we’re also growing our small space solution range. In the coming months, you’ll see a wide range of options for city apartments, student accommodation, and small kitchens alike!

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