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Australian Made Gas Cooktop
Square Cooktop



Overall dimensions

590mm x 515mm




LPG or natural gas


Cast iron with wok ring

Dual control wok burner


Boiler burners


Simmer burners


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Cooktop type


Overall dimensions

590mm x 515mm

Electrical specifications

10A Plug & Lead

Cutout Size

555mm x 475mm


2 Year Warranty

All of Goldline’s cooktops come with a 2-year warranty so you can purchase risk-free. The warranty covers any manufacturing faults and defects. A technician will inspect the unit for repair and if it cannot be fixed, we will replace the unit covering the installation and return delivery costs as well.

Discover the Goldline Cooktop Range

At Goldline, we manufacture and supply only the best gas cooktops and high-powered wok burners that combine beauty and functionality. With thoughtful burner placement, designed with real cooks in mind and precision control, you can be sure that Goldline will be your best friend in the kitchen.

State of the Art Safety Features

Flame Failure Device (FFD) is a feature that cuts the gas supply to burners as soon as the flame extinguishes. It minimises the risks of accidental fire damages due to cooktop issues.

Easy to Control the Temperature

Have you ever tried bringing a dish down from a boil to a simmer with an electric cooktop? Electric is often slower to respond than gas. Gas stovetops make it easy to create delicate dishes that require frequent changes in heat.

Easy to Clean

The glass construction, detachable wok stand, and detachable spillage bowl make the cleaning and maintenance of the gas on glass hob hassle-free.

LPG or Natural Gas

Gas provides excellent cooking control and high heat output; gas cooktops are also highly durable. Many people select Gas cooktops as they believe the visual flame is an easy guide when adjusting the heat required. Also, if your area is prone to frequent power outages, you will still be able to cook on your gas cooktop even in a blackout.

Compatible With Your Cookware

Unlike induction cooktops, gas ones can use any type of cookware. You won’t have to worry about buying a whole new set of pots and pans for your new stovetop.

Thoughtful Burner Placement

The cooktops have a spacious and stylish design, allowing for carefree cooking. The design helps you to cook using all the burners at the same time with greater comfort.

Quality Measures

With stringent quality measures, we are an ISO 9001:2000 certified company. Our products are fully approved by the Australian Gas Association for quality and safety.

Strong and Durable

Every cooktop is manufactured using high-quality glass and showcases excellent strength and durability.

Easy Installation

Finding cooktop installers can often be as simple as asking the store that you buy the cooktop from. For example, Good Guys can send professional cooktop installers to your home after purchasing a cooktop from them.

Advanced Features

Features like dual control wok burner ensure optimal heating based on the food product you cook. It offers a multi-flame control feature that helps you set precise heat settings. You can sizzle, simmer, roast, and stir-fry without moving the pan to different burners. The outer ring and inner ring flame controls are independent, and this helps you control the heat better. With a detachable wok stand, you will find the cooktop easy to clean and maintain.

Our Lifestyle Series cooktops also come with a number of safety features. The Flame Failure Device (FFD) cuts the supply of LPG or natural gas to the burner as soon as the flame extinguishes. Our cooktops also feature high-powered wok burners and electronic ignition option.

Made by Australian Experts for Australian Families

Designing and engineering stove top solutions for household problems in Australia since 1985, based on a pioneering spirit and a desire for change. At Goldline, we supply only the best electric cooktops in the Australian market, because we understand what modern families need.

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The Flame Failure Device (FFD) cuts the supply of LPG or natural gas to the burner as soon as the flame extinguishes. Keeping you and your family safe.

If you don’t have a connection to a natural gas grid—don’t worry! The Goldline Gas Cooktop is compatible with liquid petroleum gas (LPG). So that you can enjoy the benefits of gas no matter where you live.

Australian Made Cooktops

Here at Goldline, we have over 30 years of experience manufacturing cooktops in Australia.

Why spend $3,000 on a cooktop that should only cost a 1/3 of the price?

Host incredible dinner parties with Italian precision dual control wok burners and create memorable meals for your friends and family.

Suitable for narrow cooktop areas

Dimensions 590mm x 515mm 

Enjoy our electronic ignition, no more worry or hassle lighting the gas burner with any of our gas cooktop models.

All our cooktops come with a 2 Year Warranty including any manufacturing faults and defects.


A new affordable range of cooktops, tailored for the working Australian
family. From casual alfresco to formal entertaining, the lifestyle
range offers both performance and practicality together with modern styling.

More than just your regular cooktop

Goldline Reviews

At Goldline Australia, we provide reviews from real people just like you. Our reviews are from customers who have bought and used our cooktops, so you can feel confident in honest feedback, whether good or bad. Let the star ratings and customer testimonials help you find the best cooktop for your home!

How do we collect our product reviews?

  • A customer makes a purchase either in-store or online.
  • They receive a feedback postcard inside their product packaging requesting feedback about their recent purchase.
  • The customer provides feedback on the cooktop and the service they received.
  • We then place the feedback online to help you with your research.
Narrow Cooktop GL4WZNG-CAST

The Narrow Cooktop GL4WZNG-CAST we have purchased recently is absolutely wonderful. Post sales service provided by Ashley was fantastic. Happy to give more than 5 Stars if available.

Love my Goldline!!!

Wok and layout of burners means I can have 4 pots on the cook top at same time! It also slotted into the same hole from the old cook top.

Mark Pelling

Purchased a white cook top through Good Guys great transaction on time even in these challenging times
But do miss super low flame that we had on old one

Great unit!

After checking out all the stores and not finding what I was looking for at a reasonable price, I discovered the Goldline product online.
Due to the narrow benchtop I was really relegated to a handful of cooktops this and the one of the much better recognised names if I wanted ceramic.
Having had it now for a few weeks I am more than happy, works well as all the other features and being ceramic it's easy to clean.
I'd happily buy another one again regardless of the bench dimensions I had to play with - great unit

Jenni Thompson
Goldline Electric Cooktop

I wanted to say I purchased a Goldline Ceramic electric Cooktop and am thrilled with the product. It replaced an old electric raised cooktop. I couldn't afford to remodel the kitchen, so therefore had to replace something which would fit in the existing counter top. A little bit of slicing off the current benchtop, and it fits perfectly. I love how the cooktop heats up immediately. I'm so impressed. Thank you for making this product in Australia, I purchased it at Good Guys Cannington WA. cheers Jenni Thompson

Gayle Gosch
slimline cooktop

We installed this cooktop into an existing kitchen as we needed a slimline model to fit our narrow benchtop. I was pleasantly surprised with the cooktop I hadn't heard of this company before and was really pleased it was an Australian made product. I love the wok burner and the black glass finish is beautiful overall I am a happy customer and would purchase this brand again.

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