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GLS3 90cm 3 Burner


Australian Made Gas Burner
Cook tops designed specifically for cooks with a cultural specialisation

Gas cooktops are one of the most versatile options around. Whether you need a low heat to bring sauces to a simmer, or high heat for boiling water, you can accomplish anything with gas

Electronic ignition

2-year warranty

Flame Failure Device (FFD)

LPG Conversion Kit included

Aluminum burners

Dual control wok burners

High-powered wok burners

Cast Iron trivets

More than just your regular cooktop

The following features make our Lifestyle Series Cooktops a great asset for your kitchen:

Advanced Features

Features like the dual control wok burner ensure optimal heating based on the food you cook. It offers a multi-flame control feature that helps you set precise heat settings. You can sizzle, simmer, roast, and stir-fry without moving the pan to different burners. The outer ring and inner ring flame controls are independent, and this helps you control the heat better. With a detachable wok stand, you will find the cooktop easy to clean and maintain.

Our Lifestyle Series cooktops also come with a number of safety features. The Flame Failure Device (FFD) cuts the supply of LPG or natural gas to the burner as soon as the flame extinguishes. Our cooktops also feature high-powered wok burners and electronic ignition option.


All Lifestyle series cooktops are ideal for both LPG and natural gas and come with an LPG conversion kit. They also offer free “wok support” to ensure the right ignition and better performance. With the control knobs, you can adjust the heat hassle-free.



With stringent quality measures, we are an ISO 9001:2000 certified company. Our products are fully approved by the Australian Gas Association for quality and safety. Our 90 cm cooktop comes with a two-year warranty.

Long-lasting, quality design

The cooktops have a spacious and stylish design, allowing for carefree cooking. The design helps you to cook using all the burners at the same time with greater comfort. Every cooktop is manufactured using high-quality glass and showcases excellent strength and durability. The cooktops come with aluminum burners and are available in sleek black glass. It also features a simple and easy installation procedure.

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At Goldline, we manufacture and supply only the best gas cooktops and high-powered wok burners that combine beauty and functionality. With thoughtful burner placement, designed with real cooks in mind and precision control, you can be sure that Goldline will be your best friend in the kitchen.

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Build the kitchen of your dreams with Goldline’s Lifestyle Series cooktops

3 burner gas cooktop
GLS3 90cm 3 Burner






LPG or natural gas


Cast iron

Dual control wok burner


Simmer burners

x1 1.0kW

Additional Information

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Cooktop type


Overall dimensions

870mm x 510mm

Electrical specifications

10A Plug & Lead

Tray size

870mm x 470mm

Cutout size

840mm x 480mm

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