Exceptional Cooking Experiences with Goldline

Our range of powerful features, ensures that Goldline is Australia’s first choice in stainless steel and glass cooktops Australia wide.

Create as you enjoy the ambience of a hassle free cooking environment with our gas and stainless steel cooktops. Designed to optimise your cooking space, our professional range of design and safety features will satisfy the most fastidious of cooks.

Crafted with precision to complement the individual style and space requirements of your cooking environment, our range of models boast fully functioning burners that operate in unison when cooking with large woks or pots. Featuring high powered burners that deliver intense heat as needed for stir frying, and our innovative built in safety feature, the market leading Flame Failure Device. Choose from combined boiler burners to bevel edge glass and more. The Goldline glass and stainless steel cooktop range will exceed all your cooking expectations, offering electronic ignition as standard and a choice of statement making cast iron or enamel trivets to complement your taste and kitchen decor.

Goldline Cooktops Preferred by Cooks Australia Wide

Fusing aesthetics and functionality, our powerful selection of glass and stainless steel cooktops are fully AGA (Australian Gas Association Approved) and come with a range of innovative features, including:

  • A choice of black, white, glass or stainless steel boiler barriers
  • The option of natural gas or LPG gas
  • Cast iron or enamel panel supports/trivets
  • Come standard with our innovative safety feature – Flame Failure Device (FFD)
  • Solid brass burner rings and bases
  • Bevel edge glass

Cooktops Online and In-store

Choose between stainless steel and glass cooktops with our team of professionals on (03) 9799 9660, or complete our enquiry form today.

Our features set us apart from the rest…

Goldline cooktops are designed for space and hassle free cooking. Available in glass or stainless steel, they boast a range of design and safety features. Goldline is proudly Australian owned and operated. We are pleased to showcase our wide range of cooktops to suit the many different kitchen layouts and cooking styles.

Specially crafted in design and layout, our models ensure that no burners are excluded from use when cooking with large woks or pots. Boasting high powered burners for the most intense heat stir frying, built in safety features (Flame Failure Device), combined boiler burners, you can be sure a Goldline cooktop will suit your cooking needs. Standard with electronic ignition, Goldline cooktops come with either cast iron or enamel trivets.