LPG Cooktops in Australia

At Goldline, we have an excellent range of LPG gas cooktops that can meet the needs of individuals and families. You can also choose cooktops that feature one burner to five burners, depending on your particular needs.

Do you have natural gas supply, and want to choose a cooktop with better flexibility? We also have natural gas cooktops with LPG conversion kits.
Explore our range of cooktops designed to suit your personal cooking requirements.

Dual Control Series

The LPG gas stove tops offer advanced features including dual control option, electronic ignition, and more. It has independent outer and inner ring flame control options. It helps you to adjust the heating to precise temperatures based on your requirements.

The five-burner cooktop is ideal for complex cooking needs. Apart from the dual control wok burner, the cooktop also features two boiler burners and two simmer burners. The cooktop is also a great choice for people who have a spacious kitchen. With the design, you can easily install the cooktop into your existing narrow benchtop cut-outs.

90 cm Cooktops

The 90 cm Goldline GL4 cooktops are available with three or four burners. It is an ideal cooktop for people who have moderate to complex cooking needs. These cooktops feature two high-powered wok burners to provide powerful cooking results.

The range is one of the most popular cooktop products on the market with advanced heating and safety features. The cooktops offer a sleek design and are available in classic black or white. The layout of the burners and the width of the cooktop ensure no overlapping of adjacent burners and pans. The cooktop range is also an excellent choice for people who have large cookware and pans.

60 cm Cooktops

Our 60 cm Goldline GL704 cooktop series is sized at 640mm x 520mm. Suitable for people who want to ensure optimal use of their kitchen space, without limiting their cooking adventures.

The 60 cm cooktop range offers you the choice of four, three, and two burners. The cooktops also have a layout that offers hassle-free use of adjacent burners with even larger pans. A convenient choice for people who have moderate cooking needs.

Single Burners

Are you searching for single burner LPG gas cooktops in Australia for limited use?

Our GL301 Domino is made from glass and features a high-powered wok. It comes with a standard size of 510mm x 300mm and fits your indoor and outdoor cooking requirements.

Goldline cooktops finely tuned for the use of LPG gas, not only intergrade intense high power output and layout functionality, but also incorporate built-in automatic gas shut off safety device and boast updated styling and heavy duty cast iron pan supports.We offer our complete cooktop range in LPG and are specifically produced to replace a narrow bench top cutout or enhance a new kitchen installation where a customer is looking for both power and functionality in the same cooktop.

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Our features set us apart from the rest…

  • Australian Made
  • High powered wok burner
  • Perfect replacement for narrow bench cutouts
  • Designed for space and hassle free cooking.
  • Built in safety features
  • Solid Brass Burners

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