Contemporary Glass Cooktops in Australia

Many people prefer glass cooktops over other types of cooktops due to the aesthetic appeal. Glass cooktops are available in numerous modern designs to complement the décor of your kitchen and home.

At Goldline Corp, we offer a range of glass cooktops with great designs and advanced features. With the range of glass cooktops, we want to provide you with a fully-functional and stylish kitchen to make your days more efficient.

Our glass cooktops with gas burners offer premium choice, you can choose your product based on your cooking requirements and budget.

Dual Control Series

Our black glass gas cooktops provide several advanced features, most importantly dual control. With separate flame control options for both outer and inner woks, the feature ensures optimal heating for your food with better thermal efficiency.

The dual control series also features three-sized burner integration and comes with five burners. With an excellent functional layout and advanced heating and safety features, the cooktop series is the ideal choice for people who have complex cooking requirements and need to utilise large pans.

90 cm Cooktops

The Goldline GL4 90 cm cooktops are available with four or three burners. The cooktops feature two high-powered wok burners to give you excellent cooking results. The glass top gas cooktops also feature one or two boiler burners based on the total number of burners.

The cooktop series is available in black and white finishes and will enhance your kitchen aesthetically. With Flame Failure Device (FFD) and electronic ignition, your kitchen becomes safer and more convenient. The cooktop range is a great choice for people who have complex cooking needs as well as a spacious kitchen.

60 cm Cooktops

The Goldline GL704 60 cm cooktop range gives you better choices when it comes to the number of burners. You can choose four, three, or two burners based on the extent of your cooking adventures.

With wok burners, these cooktops can provide you with a powerful cooking experience. The control knobs help you to adjust the heat hassle-free. The cooktop is a great choice for people who have moderately complex cooking needs and minimal kitchen space.

Single Burners

The gas stove with glass top has a single burner and is ideal for individuals and people who do not prepare large meals. It features a high-powered wok burner and produces powerful cooking results.

It is also a great choice for people who want to use their cooktops for both indoor and outdoor cooking.

The Glass used for Goldline Gas cooktops is 8mm toughened glass which is able to handle the Intense heat of the burners, also another unique feature of the Glass used for the Gas cooktop is its bevelled edging, where it comes from the top of the cooktop and meets the bench surface giving it a slim and tidy finish, all corners on the cooktop are rounded off (Radius 5mm), as a whole the Glass for the Cooktop gives a classy look for a Glass Cooktop and also provides safety at the say time.

We offer our complete Glass cooktop range specifically produced to replace a narrow bench top cutout or enhance a new kitchen installation where a customer is looking for both power and functionality in the same cooktop.

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Our features set us apart from the rest…

  • Australian Made
  • High powered wok burner
  • Perfect replacement for narrow bench cutouts
  • Designed for space and hassle free cooking.
  • Built in safety features
  • Solid Brass Burners

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