Masterchef Australia Contestant Depinder Makes Hearty Butter Chicken

Season 13 of Australian Masterchef has caused a lot of excitement and buzz across the globe. The enthusiasm results from two Indians who took centre stage to show the world their culinary experience. The two Masterchef contestants who gave other participants a run for their money have made the Masterchef show more popular with their […]

How Depinder Chhibber Gave Chicken 65 a Twist

Depinder Chhibber, a Masterchef Australia participant, took the world by surprise with her cooking creativity. The Indian-based chef has been the talk of the town due to her unique fusion of recipes. She took the culinary challenge to another level when she gave the chicken 65, a South India recipe, the perfect twist. Read on […]

Kitchen Design Ideas [Pictures]

Kitchen Design Ideas

Kitchen Design Ideas Updating or installing a kitchen is an investment of time and money, meaning it’s important to research design ideas to ensure you’re happy with the final design before you start. With so many options, you can easily be left feeling overwhelmed and, at times, frustrated. When designing your kitchen, it’s important to plan […]

Delicious Chicken, Mushroom & White Wine Recipe

If you’re after a delicious but simple recipe, our tender chicken and mushroom wine sauce recipe is a great go-to when entertaining, or when you want to spoil yourself with a flavour sensation. Serve with rice or pasta of choice. Ingredients Free range (or organic) chicken breasts cut in into horizontal cutlets ½ cup all-purpose […]