Quick Ways to Solve Common Problems in your Kitchen

While food trends might change from time to time, the building blocks generally remain the same. Kitchen skills depend on your ability to follow the fundamentals of kitchen rules and build something amazing as a result. The more you hone simple skills, the easier it is to build a body of knowledge that helps you […]

Top Tips for Maximising Kitchen Functionality

Sometimes, the key to a successful kitchen renovation is knowing how to deliver the most efficient and effective kitchen, without compromising on style. According to kitchen designer Gavin Rudd, families don’t always know if there’s a better way to use their kitchen when they’re renovating. Rudd thinks that there are a few important rules that […]

Introducing the Garage Kitchens of Melbourne’s North

Mrs. Grace Salera has always loved her kitchen garage, from the time she was just a little girl growing up with Calabrian parents in the north of Melbourne. Now she’s introducing the trend of having an entire kitchen set up in a garage to the rest of Melbourne too. While Salera’s pristine white kitchen remains […]

FTA Lead Preview: On Country Kitchen

Chef Mark Olive has no problem bringing traditional ingredients back to the Australian palate. The Bunjalung chef from Wollongong has championed incredible and bizarre produce around the world. Fortunately, now people are beginning to see the benefits of these strange cooking habits. Apparently, things like the bush tomato are superfoods, perfect for delivering excellent nutrition. […]

Should You Buy A New Apartment Or Just Renovate?

If you’re sick and tired of living in an old and outdated property, then you have two options. You can either sell the apartment you have right now and look for something that suits your tastes a little better. Or, you can stick to your current location and renovate the home you have. Often, choosing […]

Rare Painting Found in Woman’s Kitchen

What’s hiding in your kitchen? A masterpiece painting linked to a 13th-century Italian artist has been found hanging in a French woman’s kitchen recently. Experts believe that the artwork will sell for millions at the upcoming auction. The piece, which is titled “Christ Mocked” depicts Christ surrounded by people. Some people have said its part […]

Introducing Goldline Cooktops

The story of Goldline Cooktops began almost 30 years ago, in 1990. The founders of our company had a vision to create a cooktop to cater to the growing demand for stir-fry cooking in Australia. We began with our GL3 models – innovations that combined two high-powered wok burners with a unique layout to offer […]

Factors to Consider When Buying a Cooktop

As the tool that you rely on to create meals for your family, friends, and visitors, your cooktop is the most valuable part of your kitchen.  When the time comes to invest in a new stove solution, it’s important to make sure that you’re getting the most value out of your money.  Here are some […]

Apartment Stove Cooktop

The tiniest apartment in the USA is currently found in San Francisco is just 161 square feet and will cost you over $3212.88 AUD a month. Similar expense to a full Melbourne home in rental costings. San Francisco is home to the most expensive rental market in the country.  San Francisco is one of the […]

The Difference Between Electric and Induction Cooktops

The Difference Between Electric and Induction Cooktops Cooktops are quickly growing in popularity among modern Australian homeowners.  These fantastic cooking stations give you an opportunity to get more adventurous with your food. Allowing you to explore new meals that you simply couldn’t create in a standard oven.  If you invest in a cooktop from a […]