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Current Trends in Gas Stove Cooktops: The Ultimate Guide

gas stove cooktops

Every season there’s a new trend, especially regarding home and kitchen appliances. In fact, at the start of every year, it’s always a manufacturers’ battle to release new kitchen appliances—with different features, colour schemes. So what are the current trends in gas stove cooktops in Australia? 1. White Stove Tops Stainless steel appliances have reigned […]

Masterchef Australia 2021 Live Updates: ‘Underdog’ Crowned Winner

After a long season of Australian MasterChef, the competition came down to three finalists to battle it out for the price. Surprise surprise! The underdog carried the day with his exemplary performance. Who? Justin Narayan.    I agree—No one expected Justin to win, but he went into the Tuesday night MasterChef grand finale as a […]

MasterChef Australia 2021: The Top 3 Revealed

MasterChef Australia 2021: The Top 3 Revealed Let’s face it—MasterChef Australia has been a favourite fan show because of its challenging yet entertaining cooking tests. All the contestants have participated in mystery boxes, challenges and pressure to see how they can cope, and only three contestants have made it to this year’s competition.      […]