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60cm 4 Burner Cooktop

Flexible cooktop that fits your complex cooking needs

Experience better control & Optimal performance

Goldline Corp offers you 60 cm 4 burner gas cooktops that ensure excellent cooking performance with the right width and multiple burners. The cooktops come with a number of heating features that can help your cooking, roasting and stewing adventures in style.

Dual control high power wok burner

Precision inner & outer ring flame control

Movable wok stand

New flat finger pan support

Electronic Ignition

LPG Conversion Kit Included

Flame Failure Device (FFD)

More than just your regular cooktop

The following features make the 60cm 4 Burner Cooktop a great asset for your kitchen:

Advanced Features

The 60 cm 4 burner gas cooktop ensures precision heating and has advanced safety features. The dual control is a multi-flame control option that helps you set precise heating while cooking. With separate flame control options for both outer and inner rings, you can choose the right heating based on the food product you cook.

The cooktop also features advanced safety options such as FFD. The feature stops the gas flow to the burner once the flame is extinguished. Compared to other cooktops, the 60 cm gas cooktop comes with aluminium burners and features heavy duty cast iron grids.

High power wok burner

The 60 cm gas cooktop comes with a standard dimension of 590mm x 510mm – ideal for your limited space. It is suitable for both LPG and natural gas. Note that the cooktop comes with an LPG conversion kit to make it more flexible. We make our 60 cm gas cooktops from high-quality glass and stainless steel.

The four burners comprise a dual control wok burner, two boiler burners, and a simmer burner. The cooktop is available in black and will complement your kitchen environment. With removable wok support, the cooktop is easy to clean and maintain. The cooktop also comes with a free “wok support” for convenient and efficient cooking.

High quality & service standards

Our cooktops are proudly manufactured in Australia using locally-sourced materials. Our range of cooktops is Australian Gas Association-approved meeting quality and safety standards. With stringent manufacturing standards and strict quality measures, we are an ISO 9001:2000 certified business.

While choosing our 60 cm gas cooktops, you also get a chance to experience our exceptional customer service.

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At Goldline, we manufacture and supply only the best gas cooktops and high power Wok burners that combine beauty and functionality. With thoughtful burner placement, designed with real cooks in mind and precision control Goldline power, you can be sure that Goldline will be your best friend in the kitchen.

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GLS4 60cm 4 Burners






LPG or natural gas


Cast iron with wok ring

Dual control wok burner


Boiler burners


Simmer burners


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Cooktop type


Overall dimensions

590mm x 510mm

Electrical specifications

10A Plug & Lead

Tray size

550mm x 470mm

Cutout size

555mm x 475mm

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