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Thoughtfully crafted in design & layout, our models ensure a luxury cooking experience.

Boasting high powered burners for the most intense heat and flavour as well as state of the art safety features you can be sure a Goldline cooktop will reward you in terms of innovation and quality.

Preferred by Cooks Australia-wide

Fusing aesthetics and functionality, our powerful selection of glass and stainless steel cooktops are fully AGA (Australian Gas Association Approved) and come with a range of innovative features, including:

Standard with Flame Failure Device (FFD), our innovative safety feature.
A choice of black, white, glass or stainless steel boiler barriers.
The option of natural gas or liquefied petroleum gas (LPG).
Cast iron or enamel panel supports/trivets.
Solid brass burner rings and bases.
Bevel edge glass.
An impressive 18 MJ/ hr rating
We’re a cut above the rest

Goldline cooktops are designed for space and hassle free cooking. Available in glass or stainless steel, they boast a range of design and safety features.

Specially crafted in design and layout, our models ensure that no burners are excluded from use when cooking with large woks or pots. Boasting high powered burners for the most intense heat stir frying, built in safety features (Flame Failure Device), combined boiler burners, you can be sure a Goldline cooktop will suit your cooking needs. Standard with electronic ignition, Goldline cooktops come with either cast iron or enamel trivets.

Over 34 Years Experience

Designing stove top solutions to household problems since 1985, Goldline’s proud innovation heritage is founded on a pioneering spirit and a desire for change and challenge to conventional appliances.

Your first choice in stainless steel and glass cooktops

Crafted with precision to complement the individual style and space requirements of your cooking environment, our range of models boast fully functioning burners that operate in unison when cooking with large woks or pots. Featuring high powered burners that deliver intense heat as needed for stir frying, and our innovative built in safety feature, the market leading Flame Failure Device. Choose from combined boiler burners to bevel edge glass and more.

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How it all Started

Our Company History

The original origins of my company began in the mid 70’s when I received my discharge from the R.A.N. after nine years of service.

I established the foundation of my company as a Registered builder catering mainly to the Asian community here in Australia. My clients were always saying to me that the cooktops on the market here, were not sufficiently powerful enough nor was the layout conducive to optimum usage of all the burners.

I grew up in a family of ten & always observed my mother juggling the pots and pans on her 4 burner upright cooker & thinking that there must be a better way.

These two observations spurred me to actually doing something and in 1991 I launched the very first three-burner cooktop with two wok burners onto the market.

Sales were quite slow & in 1992 I sent a sample overseas to a very large corporation in Hong Kong who had seen my cooker on display here whilst their marketing manager was here on a visit to Australia. Within a few years, sales had jumped to $4 million a year.

In 1996 we were a finalist in two sections of the Telstra business awards followed by the Premier’s business awards, HSBC Business awards and the Australian Chamber of commerce awards, Pursuit of excellence of the Victorian Government and the Hong Kong Australia Business Association awards.

Our exports continued to grow and we were exporting to Taiwan, Thailand, Mauritius, Singapore, and Malaysia.

The product range has expanded from that first model to more than 14 different models, always maintaining that criteria I observed year ago as a young man observing my mother and listening to my clients.

Today we are proud of the fact that we are still a family owned and operated business, operating in a very competitive marketplace.

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