Quality 4 Burner Stainless Steel Cooktops in Australia

Are you searching for high performing cooktops that fit the more spacious kitchen? Do you prefer traditional cooktop design with multiple burners for fast cooking?

The 90 cm 4 burner stainless steel cooktop from Goldline is the ideal choice for your cooking requirements. It features a classic design, with four burners producing optimal cooking results with flexible heat control options and features. It is ideal for cooks who have moderately-complex cooking needs.

Our cooktops are also a suitable replacement for old Chef and Westinghouse cooktops and are ideal for narrow bench cut-outs.
See what makes the gas stainless steel cooktop ideal for your cooking requirements.

4 Burners with Modern Features

Featuring two high-powered wok burners made from solid brass, the cooktop provides two boiler burners ensuring flexibility. The cooktop also features an electronic ignition feature to help with the easy ignition of the burners. The control knobs help you adjust the heat hassle-free.

The stainless-steel stove top offers advanced safety features, including Flame Failure Device or FFD. FFD feature disconnects the gas supply immediately after the flame extinguished. The feature ensures optimal safety for the users.

Premium Quality

The steel cooktops have a fine and sturdy construction. It is made from excellent quality stainless steel to ensure heightened durability and performance. The trivets are made from cast iron and come with wok rings for better ignition and performance.

The cooktop allows optimal flexibility and maximum convenience. The burners are placed apart to ensure convenient cooking using all the four burners together.

We have set high-quality production standards for all our products. Note that our cooktops are fully approved by the Australian Gas Association. With our highest quality and safety standards, our operations and business are ISO 9001:2000 accredited.

Better Choice, Excellent Service, Support

You have the option to choose cooktops for LPG as well as natural gas. We offer excellent customer service and support for all our products to ensure a long-lasting relationship with all customers. We provide a two-year warranty for our stainless-steel gas cooktops.


Size : 930mm x 450mm




COLOUR – Silver
MATERIAL – Stainless Steel Brushed Finish
GAS TYPE – Natural Gas
TRIVETS – Cast Iron with Wok Ring/Support
WOK BURNERS – Solid Brass X 2
BOILER BURNERS – Solid Brass X 2


COLOUR – Silver
MATERIAL – Stainless Steel Brushed Finish
TRIVETS – Cast Iron with Wok Ring/Support
WOK BURNERS – Solid Brass X 2
BOILER BURNERS – Solid Brass X 2



Key Features


  • Electronic Ignition
  • 2 Years Warranty
  • Flame Failure Device (FFD)
  • Solid Brass Burner
  • Gas Cooktop
  • High-powered wok burners



  • Materials :
  • Cooktop type :
  • Dimensions :
  • Electrical Specifications :
  • Tray Size :
  • Cutout Size :
  • Stainless Steel Brushed Finish
  • Gas
  • 930mm x 450mm
  • 10A Plug & Lead
  • 400mm x 880mm x 41mm
  • 885mm x 405mm








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