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3 Burner Cooktops

For wok cooking on a narrow bench top or small kitchen

Experience Hassle-free Cooking

The 3 burner stove top by Goldline is designed with real chefs in mind,
the innovative layout is designed for optimal cooking, with the perfect space allowed for two large woks and a rice pot.

Available in black or white glass

Flame Failure Device for standard safety

Electronic ignition

Available in straight or soft edge glass

Trivets available in cast iron

Available in natural gas or LPG

High-powered wok burners

Moveable wok ring

More than just your regular cooktop

The following features make the cooktop a great asset for your kitchen:

Easy cleaning

The detachable trivets help you to clean the cooktop effortlessly, allowing you to remove spillage bowls for easy maintenance.

Standard safety

Flame Failure Device (FFD) is a feature that cuts the gas supply to burners as soon as the flame extinguishes, minimizing risks of accidental fire damages

Matches the interior

The high-quality black reflective glass and polished metal trim combine elegance and durability. You can choose black or white colour cooktops based on the colour palette of your kitchen.

Great quality and service

All our cooktops are made from the finest quality glass and stainless steel. With rigorous quality standards, our products are accredited to ISO 9001:2015. Note that our cooktops are Australianmade products proudly using locally-sourced materials.

Variants available

We have variant depth cooktops available. We also offer both LPG and natural gas cooktops to suit your preference. The high power Wok burners and boiler burners of the cooktop are made from solid brass, providing optimal performance.

Discover our 3 burner cooktops

At Goldline, we manufacture and supply only the best gas cooktops and high power Wok burners that combine beauty and functionality. With thoughtful burner placement, designed with real cooks in mind and precision control Goldline power, you can be sure that Goldline will be your best friend in the kitchen.

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Solutions for small to Medium spaces

Build the kitchen of your dreams with Goldline’s 3 Burner Cooktop range

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GLs3-90B Gas on Glass
Straight Edge





Gas type

Natural Gas or LPG


Cast iron grids with wok ring 

Wok burners

x2 dual control

Simmer burners


Additional Information

Learn more about what makes our 3 Burner Cooktops your perfect kitchen companions.

GL3 Specifications



Cooktop type



870mm x 510mm

Cutout size

840mm x 480mm

Electrical specifications

10A Plug & Lead

Celebrating the First Element of Design

Effortlessly Simple & Balanced

Goldline’s 3 burner gas cooktop collection celebrates the first element of design – the ‘line’. Effortlessly simple, balanced and unashamedly minimal.

The 3 Burner narrow is at home in the most modern of apartments and small space kitchens. With intuitive technology. The Goldline 3 burner gas cooktop is as easy to use as it is on the eye, turning a novice into an expert and an accomplished chef.

This cooktop features superior glass work space, with a super-strong translucent mirror finish, which, when combined gives the range a reflective beauty which must be seen to be believed.

Designed with real chefs in mind, the Goldline 3 burner cooktop has the perfect layout for stir-fries or dishes that use 2 larger burners and one smaller. With Goldline, your only limitation is your imagination.

The sleek, simple and beautifully conceived collection is available in White or Black for a refined style statement. You’ll be delighted by the joy and appreciation that every mouthful brings – all with minimal effort a real quality Australian stovetop will bring into your home.

Two Goldline lines are available: one in the Classic line, featuring a narrow bench cut out solutions for small kitchens, apartments, and period homes, and the other in the lifestyle line, designed specifically for the Australian family home.

Both lines feature Goldline notorious high powered wok burners with an impressive 18 MJ/HR Rating. 18 MJ/hr is a very powerful burner in comparison with the market average on 14 MJ/ hr. Offering faster after-work dinners, healthy Wok dishes. It’s the ultimate in technology with style.

Finally, the elegant touch screen control panel allows the user to adjust the heat level by simply running a finger across the touch surface. Goldline, a leading manufacturer of Australian appliances that represent the best combination of design and technology, once more proves its ability to keep pace with the needs of contemporary life.

We are constantly innovating and launching exciting new products including the Goldline lifestyle range is an affordable range of cooktops tailored for budget-conscious Australian families. We offer a wide variety of cooking solutions in this range to suit any style of cooking that appeals to you. Whether you’re looking for alfresco cooking or formal entertaining, we can help.

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