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How to Start Cooking Like a Pro This Summer With a Goldline Outdoor Pizza Oven

outdoor cooking bench

What’s better than a pizza on a hot summer day or a freezing night? How about being able to bake a restaurant-style pizza in your garden with a charcoal pizza oven instead of ordering takeout? While most people think that cooking pizza is a complicated process, it can actually be breezy and fun if you […]

What You Need to Consider When Looking For an Electric Benchtop Stove

electric benchtop stove

An electric benchtop stove is popular among many homeowners because of the many benefits they feature. For example, their flat surfaces are easy to clean and more stable for cooking pots, the control knobs for easy regulation, and keep your kitchen cooler. Most cooktops come with flat reinforced glass surfaces, which can put up with […]

Current Trends in Gas Stove Cooktops: The Ultimate Guide

gas stove cooktops

Every season there’s a new trend, especially regarding home and kitchen appliances. In fact, at the start of every year, it’s always a manufacturers’ battle to release new kitchen appliances—with different features, colour schemes. So what are the current trends in gas stove cooktops in Australia? 1. White Stove Tops Stainless steel appliances have reigned […]

5 Reasons Why Your Stove is Not Working and How to Fix Them

stove not working

Is your stove not working? The stove is one of the essential kitchen appliances, and there’s every reason to panic when it stops working. The idea of a broken stove can be anxiety-inducing, especially for those who spend a considerable amount of time in the kitchen. But what could cause your stove to stop working? […]