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Design the Best Australian Family Kitchen with a SAB-4 Cooktop

family kitchen

If you’re redesigning your family kitchen or switching from electric to gas, the SAB-4 is designed for you. Goldline engineered this cooktop with Australian families in mind, including all the technology you need to make fantastic food.  Using gas captures the intense flavours of your food, thanks to the instant heat. Besides, the black reflective […]

The Complete Guide to Wood-fired Pizza Ovens Australia

If you’re looking for a pizza oven with versatile 3 in 1 design, then Goldline’s new outdoor range is right for you. You can use as it BBQ grill, charcoal smoker, or wood-fired pizza oven.  So whether you’re smoking brisket, grilling vegetables, or firing up a homemade pizza, it’s a great piece of kit to […]

Best Kitchen Layout for a Large Family

Best Kitchen Layout for Large Family

Having a large family means cooking meals can take hours. It’s best to have an optimised kitchen layout to make cooking as time-efficient and convenient as possible. The best kitchen layout for a large family is functional, stylish, and beautiful.  You want the kitchen to be a place where people can cook together, making great […]

Outdoor Pizza Oven Australian Buyers Guide

outdoor pizza oven

Summer is approaching, which means more barbecues and family gatherings outside. If you love alfresco dining in the breezy open-air, you need outdoor appliances to match like an outdoor pizza oven.  What better addition to your backyard than an outdoor pizza oven? Cooking on a classic pizza oven will bring a whole new dimension to […]

How Home Cooking Has Kept Us Connected During Lockdown

Home Cooking

With fewer restaurants open and less dining out during COVID, more Melbournians are home cooking. Cooking is a great way to stay connected with others, whether you’re cooking your Mum’s recipe or cooking with your partner for a date night.  The extended lockdown has also kept people separated from friends and family, which means people […]

Creating A Child-Proof Kitchen In Your Renovations

Child-Proof Kitchen

When you’re cooking, your attention is divided away from your child. Their curiosity, combined with the potential hazards in a kitchen, can be caused for concern.  Goldline is committed to your family’s safety, which is why we’ve created appliances with high-tech safety features, like on our newest four burner gas cooktop. In this article, we’ll […]