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How To Replace Electric Cooktop With Gas

How To Replace Electric Cooktop With Gas Since many chefs prefer the control that cooking with gas provides, you’d think the benefits of gas outweigh those of electric cooktops. But have you ever considered making the switch to gas? Some of the benefits include increased energy efficiency, savings in the long run, and better sustainability. […]

What Everyone Needs To Know About Electric Cooktops & Your Health

What Everyone Needs To Know About Electric Cooktops & Your Health If you are considering switching to an electric cooktop, there are practical benefits as well as health-related ones. Though some people may not realise it, gas cooktops can be harmful to your health. How are gas cooktops potentially harmful to your health? If you’re […]

How to Plan Your Kitchen Renovation Utilising Slimline Cooktops

slimline cooktops

Slimline Cooktops Perhaps you’re building a new home, or getting ready to do a kitchen renovation. If you’re unsure where to start, this article can serve as a springboard for your project.  We’ll cover the things to consider before buying kitchen appliances. In particular, we’ll explore different stovetop options, such as Goldine’s slimline electric and […]

Italian Gas Cooktop

If you’re looking for kitchen inspiration, look no further than Master Chef Laura Sharrad’s modern kitchen. Her Italian gas cooktop is the pride and joy of her sleek kitchen, allowing her to make the Italian dishes she’s famous for cooking.  In this article, we’ll explore the stylistic elements of Laura Sharrad’s kitchen. We’ll also talk […]

Introducing the SAB4 Gas Cooktop

Goldline’s newest SAB4 cooktop is sleek, effective, and reliable. It’s made for Australian families and designed to last for years to come.  In this article, we’ll go over the main features of the latest addition to Goldline’s cooktops—the SAB4. If you’re keen to find out if this is the right stovetop for you, we encourage […]