Monthly Archives: October 2019

The Best Kitchens from the NSW HIA-CSR Awards

Kitchens are some of the most active parts of any home. They’re where families come together to connect, share meals, and even experiment with a little home cooking. If you’re redesigning your kitchen, then you’ll want to make sure that you get it right first time around. Fortunately, there’s plenty of inspiration to be drawn […]

Here’s What Happened when the Property Brothers Built a 2-Island Kitchen

Popular Aussie show “The Property Brothers” returned for its 14th season recently, bringing with it, exciting new ideas on how to upgrade your home. We’ve seen some pretty out-there ideas on this realty program before, but Drew and Jonathan Scott proved that they could surprise us yet again with their latest episode “Island Getaway”. As […]

Top Tips for Maximising Kitchen Functionality

Sometimes, the key to a successful kitchen renovation is knowing how to deliver the most efficient and effective kitchen, without compromising on style. According to kitchen designer Gavin Rudd, families don’t always know if there’s a better way to use their kitchen when they’re renovating. Rudd thinks that there are a few important rules that […]

FTA Lead Preview: On Country Kitchen

Chef Mark Olive has no problem bringing traditional ingredients back to the Australian palate. The Bunjalung chef from Wollongong has championed incredible and bizarre produce around the world. Fortunately, now people are beginning to see the benefits of these strange cooking habits. Apparently, things like the bush tomato are superfoods, perfect for delivering excellent nutrition. […]

Rare Painting Found in Woman’s Kitchen

What’s hiding in your kitchen? A masterpiece painting linked to a 13th-century Italian artist has been found hanging in a French woman’s kitchen recently. Experts believe that the artwork will sell for millions at the upcoming auction. The piece, which is titled “Christ Mocked” depicts Christ surrounded by people. Some people have said its part […]