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2 Burner GAS Cooktop

For those who desire luxury without the luxury of space

Small stove top for apartments - Goldline
Suitable for your everyday cooking needs

Goldline Corp offers gas on glass 2 burner cooktops for families with minimal kitchen space. The gas on glass cooktop comes with a number of features to provide an advanced and safe cooking experience.

x2 High-powered wok brass burners

Flame Failure Device for standard safety

Electronic ignition

Solid brass wok burners

Available in straight or soft edge glass

Trivets available in enamel or cast iron

Available in natural gas or LPG

Moveable wok ring

More than just your regular cooktop

The following features make our 2 burner cooktops a great asset for your kitchen:

Precise Results and Control

The cooktop with 2-high powered work burners provides accurate cooking results. It ensures even heat distribution and consistent flame with the latest burner technology. The control knobs help the users to set at precise temperatures with heat modes from ‘simmer’ to ‘full-on’.

Ideal for everyday cooking needs

With two wok burners, the cooktop offers powerful cooking results and is ideal for families that have every day cooking needs and alfresco and BBQ grilling.

Optimal Safety

The Flame Failure Device (FFD) disconnects the fuel supply to particular burners as soon as the flame extinguishes. The feature safeguards people and property from accidental fire damages.

Easy Cleaning

The glass cooktop has a design to help you with easy cleaning. The removable trivets and spillage bowls make the cleaning and maintenance of the gas on glass hob hassle-free.

Reliable and Durable

The black reflective glass and cast iron/enamel trivets combine style and durability. You can choose white or black cooktops to complement the interior.

Discover our 2 burner cooktops

At Goldline, we manufacture and supply only the best gas cooktops and high power Wok burners that combine beauty and functionality. With thoughtful burner placement, designed with real cooks in mind and precision control Goldline power, you can be sure that Goldline will be your best friend in the kitchen.

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Solutions for small spaces

Build the kitchen of your dreams with Goldline’s 2 Burner cooktop range

2 burner gas cooktop
2 burner gas cooktop
GL2 Gas on Glass
Straight Edge





Gas type

Natural Gas or LPG


Cast iron with wok ring or Enamel

Wok burners

x2 Solid brass

2 burner gas cooktop
3 burner gas cooktop
GL2 Gas on Glass
Soft Edge





Gas type

Natural Gas or LPG


Cast iron with wok ring or Enamel

Wok burners

x2 Solid brass

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Cooktop type



750mm x 450mm

Cutout size

665mm x 345mm

Electrical specifications

10A Plug & Lead

Building the Modern Kitchen

Precision Meets Passion

Precision meets passion in the kitchen with Goldline’s architecturally designed 2 burner gas cooktop collection.

Delivering a best-in class cooking experience, the collection was created with technological innovation and craftsmanship at its core.

Goldline’s 2 burner cooktops combine quality materials and eye-catching design with cutting-edge technology.

Goldline has a long-term reputation for excellence in gas cooking and new features such as high powered wok burners with an impressive 18 MJ/HR Rating. 18 MJ/hr is a very powerful burner in comparison with the market average on 14 MJ/ hr.

Goldline’s 2 burner gas burners are beautiful and reliable. Elegant and classic, modern yet classic styles in a very comprehensive range incorporating different finishes, configurations and installation options. Goldline stove tops are available to install on narrow and standard bench applications.

Our small designs are popular among period homes in the inner city suburbs as well as many country homes in regional Australia, as they allow you to make the most of narrow bench widths.

We don’t just concentrate on high-quality cooking here at Goldline; we’re also dedicated to keeping our chefs safe.

The flame failure devices on our burners are designed to stop the flow of gas whenever a flame extinguishes, protecting you against accidental fire damage. The flame failure device is designed to stop flammable gas going to the burner of a gas appliance if the flame is extinguished, thus preventing a dangerous build-up of gas.

Causes of flame failure include a gust of wind, temporary interruption of gas supply, gas under-pressure, liquid overspill, or even draught from an oven door being opened and closed.

Effortlessly integrating Goldline’s innovative layout with its leading kitchen technology, the 2 burner stove top from Goldline allows you to achieve any culinary creation in style and with ease. User experience is enhanced while home entertaining is taken to restaurant-quality perfection.

The Goldline 2 burner narrow gas stovetop features minimalist styling in black or white glass to create a timeless, elegant aesthetic. The look is one of the uninterrupted lines, precision, and undeniable quality, allowing you to bring to life any culinary masterpiece.

The collection sets a new standard for form and function in the modern home kitchen. A new expression of genius in both technology and design.

Goldline’s range of high performance and easy-to-clean cooktops include the latest in efficient gas burner technology, for instant and precise control, and high-speed ceramic electric cooktops that will deliver full heat within seconds.

Made by an Australian family for Australian families Goldline gives back to the community, running a range of leadership programs in schools to help children discover the wonders of better communication. We also offer what we can back to the Australian armed services by donating proceeds to the worthy causes of the community.

The 2 burner cooktop is available through your local major kitchen appliances center like The Good Guys, Harvey Norman, Retravision and Betta Home Living. All Goldline models come with a 2-year warranty as standard.

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