Goldline… for real cooks

Introducing Goldline, Australia’s leading provider of gas cooktops, providing unrivalled power and precision control, for real cooks.

The food we love to cook is about fusing flavours, textures and smells. These sensory elements combine to create standout recipes and memorable dishes that our family and friends love – and we return enthusiastically to our kitchens to cook. These powerful elements are the mouth-watering result of optimal cooking methods.

Create dishes bursting with layers of flavours, textures and aromas only obtained from the enticing ‘sizzle’ of a high end powerful flame and the ‘simmer’ of a consistent and stable low end flame. Explore our selection of premium gas cooktops online, available Australia wide. Goldline cooktops – more power, more control, for real cooks.

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Commitment to Excellence

Committed to customer service excellence, we recognise the diversity of our Australian clientele and consider the cultural influences that may impact their choice of cooktops. We collaborate with you and pride ourselves on building enduring business relationships that are nurtured on a foundation of trust, confidence and mutual respect. Accredited to ISO 9001:2000, Goldine is proudly Australian owned and operated with a team that is focused on delivering an exceptional customer service and support experience. Our comprehensive selection of Australian gas cooktops online and in-store showcase a range designed to complement differing kitchen layouts and cooking techniques.

The Goldline range of cooktops are crafted to complement your kitchen, efficiently creating space and a hassle free cooking experience. Available in glass or stainless steel, our gas cooktops boast a high performing selection of premium design and safety features.

Superior Australian Gas Cooktops

For premium quality Australian cooktops,contact us today on (03) 9799 9660 or complete our enquiry form for further information


  • New Dual Control Wok burner
  • Precise outer ring flame control
  • Precise inner ring flame control
  • Movable Wok stand/support
  • New flat finger castiron pan support

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